Indigenous And Native Title Policy

Indigenous And Native Title Policy

Kurtarra Pty Ltd recognises and accepts the rights of indigenous people and at all times will comply with, and be considerate of legislation, and accepted customs.

The Company will, when working in areas that may contain artefacts or sites of significance, comply in all regards with the laws that govern to protect those items or sites.

Employees will not remove or interfere with artefacts or sites nor will they impede or hinder persons rightfully engaged in any authorised activities on any such site. Employees must not purchase or traffic in artefacts or items that are protected by laws which prohibits their dealing in, or the export of.

Kurtarra Pty Ltd will report any activities where it is believed there is a contravention of the laws governing indigenous artefacts and sites. Items being legally removed from an area will be correctly certified and cleared by the proper authorities.

Kurtarra Pty Ltd is pro-active in the support of the employment of indigenous people and will provide proper training and assistance, in line with its Equal Opportunity Policy.

Garry Jaffrey

Managing Director:

Date: 10/01/2018

REF: KT-PL-006 – Indigenous And Native Title Policy | Revision l. 10/01/2018

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