Who we are

Kurtarra Pty Ltd is a proudly 100 percent Indigenous family owned Company by the Jaffrey – Sam family.

The word Kurtarra Pty Ltd is a Palkyu word and means brothers. The name of the company has extreme family significance, with the main goal of the company being to create a legacy for its family members and the community in which it exists. Through our strategic alliances, Kurtarra Pty Ltd offers a range of high quality professional services, with a strong commitment to safety and a focus on achieving exceptional results for our clients.

Board Members

Terry is part of the Palyku people and also a member of the Native title servicers as a regional committee member that represents the Palyku people. He has also been involved in the mining industry for the last 7 years, two years at Rio Tinto where he became a supervisor, and the last five years with FMG working in the port facility in Port Hedland. Terry was a part of the medical industry for 10 years and helped take petrol sniffing out of the Kimberly and helped the push for dialyse clinics also supplying of medication and doing maintenance on clinics and nurses houses/cars in remote areas. Five years ago he was a mobile plant operator at FMG, which involved surface mining, loaders, dump truck, graders. After being a MPO he moved in to a trainer assessor position where he trained mainly indigenous new starters, and has now progressed to a position as an Indigenous Development Coordinator HR, looking after new starter indigenous employees and experienced, up to 100 employees. Terry’s position deals with supporting supervisors and superintendents with understanding aboriginality and customs as well as the indigenous employees to do likewise, so that we can have a good blend of employees understanding and recognizing each other’s culture and just having the one at work and that is mining culture. Terry has strong interests in helping change people’s lives by turning them into role models though the work they do.

Terry Jaffrey


Board Members

Peter has a vast amount of experience working in the Indigenous Health field, ranging from a Field Officer to Office Manager, totaling 25 years. As an Office/Assets/Stores Manager in the Indigenous Health field, with 10 years’ of experience in management, Peter is excellent in working with others to achieve an assured objective on time and with excellence.

Peter career has seen him working in the WA Court system working as a Court Security and Custodial Officer and in more recent times within the mining industry working for Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton as an Operator and Track Protection Officer (Safe Working Rail Health Safety and Environment Department). Both have given Peter experience in working with other industries, more so the mining industry as it has brought him closer to his family and with his family’s country, the Palyku tribal area of the Pilbara.

Peter now is specialized in management, managing assets, maintaining fleet vehicles (purchasing and selling), managing stores (purchasing and maintaining stock) and has the ability to adapt and operate various machinery and equipment. His current role with a major Iron Ore producer has given him even greater experience on the railway and occupational, health and safety skills.

Peter Jaffrey


Board Members

Garry was raised in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Being indigenous, Garry is a member of the Palyku Traditional Owner Group on his grandfather’s side. Yindjibarndi country on his grandmother’s side. Garry’s family connections are throughout the Pilbara region with neighbouring indigenous skin groups from Nullagine down to Roebourne where he practices his lore.

Garry has been dealing with incorporated communities for more than 25 years and has played the roles of supervisor to chairperson. Garry believes with the right tools, teaching and help, a person can strive to reach their goals. Garry has supported many indigenous and non indigenous people over the years. From supporting countrymen, family and country, Garry has accomplished and overcome many personal challenges in his life.

With over 10 years specialising in operating a successful business with partnerships, Garry has had the privilege and opportunity to help with mentoring and assisting group training organisations to develop safe work practices for indigenous and non indigenous Australians. Garry has built a strong foundation on mental health throughout the businesses to provide healthier leadership decisions with expert knowledge in various fields supporting economic training opportunities for indigenous and non indigenous people growing together.

With this expertise, he has worked with many stakeholders ranging from local businesses to state government and corporate organisations. He strongly believes that by creating and moving forward with Kurtarra’s partnerships, he will not only help his family and people, but the cause for indigenous engagement as a whole.

Garry Jaffrey

Managing Director