Indigenous Relations

Kurtarra acknowledges and respects the culture and history of the Traditional Owners of the land and thanks them for the opportunity to work in their country.

Kurtarra is committed to developing and maintaining strong relationships within the communities in which we operate.

Kurtarra views this community relationship as an essential component of Kurtarra success and is intrinsic in the attitude of the Company management to foster strong and long term relationships with the community in its areas of operation. This success has been realised because of Kurtarras ability to blend the commercial realities with the needs of the wider community and in particular with the indigenous culture and life style. It is essential, both for the indigenous people and Kurtarra, that any joint arrangement is commercially viable and sustainable over the medium to long term.

In respect to the opportunities with current and future project, Kurtarra approach to a development plan is an inclusive one and assumes that a plan for local community participation and a regional development plan for Indigenous people should be integrated in order to maximise the opportunities for the whole community and to create a harmonious and productive working environment for the length of the projects and beyond.

Kurtarra understands that it makes good commercial sense to utilise the human and material resources available within closest proximity to the all projects. Other than the competition element, with all things considered there are very few exceptions to Kurtarra adopted general policy, which demands that local resources be utilised to the maximum of productive efficiency.