Fitness For Work Policy

Fitness For Work Policy

Kurtarra Pty Ltd is committed to providing and maintaining a working environment in which our employees are not exposed to any hazards arising from long working hours or the use and abuse of alcohol or drugs.

All employees of Kurtarra Pty Ltd are required to report for work in a fit condition, in order to perform their required duties in a safe, competent and efficient manner.

All Kurtarra Pty Ltd employees are prohibited from working when under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or upon producing positive screening test results. If a positive test result is produced, the employee will not be permitted to re-enter the workplace until a negative test has been achieved.

During the employment induction process Kurtarra Pty Ltd will actively promote the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace.

Kurtarra Pty Ltd will take all practicable steps in the placement of employees to ensure the hours of work; shifts/rosters and workplace conditions do not create an unacceptable risk of fatigue.

Where possible, our employees will not work in excess of 12 hours per day.

Garry Jaffrey

Managing Director:

Date: 10/01/2018

REF: KT-PL-004 – Fitness For Work Policy | Revision 1. 10/01/2018

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